family connection shoot

+ Run Wild + Mama & Me : Amanda +

When I offered Amanda a Mama & Me shoot I had fully intended to have it done before Mother's Day for her. Due to our wonderful Alberta weather we had to rescheduled this shoot a couple times. So when I asked Amanda when she wanted to try again we decided to wing it that evening and shoot ...

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+ the shackletons +

This was my second time getting to shoot this family. Beach session + Model Call #2 My youngest daughter is in the same grade with their daughter. I must say Robyn makes the best soaps + Thank you Adam & Robyn for the opportunity to capture some family ...

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+ the kikstras – beach session +

Originally this was a mountain model call but due to busy summer schedules we decided to shoot at the beach. Candice runs Loving to Learn preschool in Lacombe. My daughter loves to guess what color Mrs K's hair will be each time we see her :) These sessions are becoming my new favorite to shoot. ...

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