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Let’s be real for a second

I’m gonna talk about something I don’t let anyone know much about.

This is my middle child and only son Ethan. He’s eleven years old.

This past February he was finally diagnosed with Mild Intellectual Disorder & Generalized Anxiety Disorder. After 8 years of not knowing it’s somewhat of a relief to finally have a diagnosis.

We started noticing differences around age 3. He was different than other kids his age. He was slower to talk and had fewer words in his vocabulary. Thankfully this was something we noticed right away so when it was time to go to kindergarten we were able to express these concerns with the school. 
I’m not gonna lie some days there are tears of frustration. There are days I lose my temper and yell. There are days I sit and cry. But the good or the bad days he’s still mine forever.

Ethan is a fun & outgoing boy. He loves Minecraft, building Lego (and he sure has a lot of it) and drawing stories in his notebooks.

I worry every day consciously or not how he will do when he gets older. How he will do out in the world independently. We’ve got plans for the future just in case. We’ve planned for this but I want him to feel as independent as he can be. I never want him to feel different to his peers but I know they’ll come a time when it will be an issue. It breaks my heart. Will he be crushed if his dreams as a kid won’t happen because of his limitations.

This post was incredibly hard to write. In no way a sob story or feel bad for me post. This was a part of our lives that I felt I could share.

The introvert in me just wants to hibernate from the world and deal with things by myself. It’s definitely a struggle sometimes going to other people’s places with his anxiety issues. But if no one knows the difficulties you face daily and struggle with their views or opinions of you might be skewed.

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